Audition Process

Pre-Screening Application Requirements

There are three rounds of auditions: the first being the submission of three (3) contrasting arias in three (3) different languages. These videos, along with other requested documents and two (2) professional references are due by January 13, 2023. Of these applications the AVA Faculty will offer an in-person audition/interview in Philadelphia on March 20 and/or 21, 2023. No virtual or video auditions can stand in lieu of the second round of in-person auditions. All singers must come to Philadelphia to audition, without exception.

No audition trading/swapping will be permitted. All travel costs are the responsibility of the applicant, AVA does not cover any travel costs.

AVA will provide a no-cost audition pianist, but you are permitted to bring your own pianist if you choose.

Unfortunately, AVA cannot provide written feedback for any applications/auditions. 

Please contact Dr. Josh Miller, Dean at with any questions regarding this application.

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Live Audition Round

March 20 and/or 21, 2023 in Philadelphia