Faculty & Guest Artists

AVA has a faculty of conductors and coaches devoted to preparing exceptional young artists for a future in opera singing.

K. James McDowell
President and Artistic Director
Christofer Macatsoris
Jeannine B. Cowles Music Director Chair
Voice Instructors
Bill Schuman
Voice Faculty
Luis Ledesma
Voice Faculty
Sally Wolf
Voice Faculty
Benita Valente
Adjunct Voice Faculty
Florence Quivar
Adjunct Voice Faculty
Vocal Coaches
David Antony Lofton
Master Vocal Coach
Danielle Orlando
Master Vocal Coach
Richard A. Raub
Master Vocal Coach
Luke Housner
Master Vocal Coach
Michael Lewis
Vocal Coach
Audrey Saint-Gil
Vocal Coach
José Meléndez
Assistant to the Music Director/Librarian
Elise Auerbach
Ting Ting Wong
Guest Artists
Paul Curran
Guest Stage Director
Course Instructors
Charles Conwell
Instructor in Stage Combat
Lisa Lovelace
Instructor in Stage Movement and Dance
Bob Rowland
Opera History
Robert Thayer Sataloff, M.D., D.M.A.
Head of Voice Science Department

Thor Eckert · Professional Development Coach
Gudrun von Auenmueller · Instructor in German

Ennio Brugnolo · Instructor in Italian