The Helen Corning Warden Society

AVA Planned Giving Program

The following individuals have made a planned gift to the Academy of Vocal Arts through their wills, trusts, or life insurance arrangements. AVA invites you to join this very special group of friends who have planned for their own and for the Academy of Vocal Arts’ future through participation in the AVA Planned Giving Program.

Anne Polen Addicks+
Randolph Apgar and Allen D. Black
Eileen Baird
Robert Baxter+
Jane Berryman
Dr. Claire Boasi
Richard A. Brand
David E. Brinson
Jeannine Bouchard Cowles (AVA Class of 1950)+
Ginny L. Coyle
Kristin and Robert+ Davidson
Edward D. Davis+
Mr.+ and Mrs. Robert Warren Davis (AVA Class of 1947)
Sally Paxson Davis+
Joan DeJean
Edward Costa Dolbey+
Drs. Bruce and Toby Eisenstein
Charles Erisman+
Edward S. Feldman
Betty Fitzgerald+
Dr. Raymond Friday (Class of 1964)+
Gene E. Galasso+
Anthony Genovese+
Rosalie K. Gerson
Eugene Gladston+
Don K. Gordon
Edwin M. Green+
Joanne T. Greenspun
Adele S. Hebb+
William J. H. Hough, Jr.+
Dr. Alan-Clarke Hudson
Martha R. Hurt
Flavius Jankauskas+
Jane K. Karatzas (AVA class of 1955)
Robert E. Keppler
Sheila Kessler
Peter King
Lucinda S. Landreth+
John Lane
John Lawler (AVA Class of 1942)+
Fran and Leon L. Levy
Christofer Macatsoris
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. (Mackie) MacLean, Jr.
Jim McClelland
Jules L. Merron+
Francis J. Palamara
Adele Warden Paxson+
Ruth Shoer Rappaport+
Richard A. Raub
Edith A. Reinhardt+
Lyle Richardson (AVA Class of 1959)+
James McKee Ridgway+
Louisa Ridgway
Jill Leeds Rivera
Dan Rothermel
Dr. Ivan and Ruth+ Rudolph
Karen Saler
William R. Scott and Alan Cohn
Robert and Joan Shaffer
Jane Shaulis (AVA Class of 1969)
Saul Silverman+
Corey Smith
Bernice Sobel (AVA Class of 1961)+
Richard Stephenson
Betty-Jane Stoeckle+
Charles V. Swain+
Carol Anne Tanski
Carole Thompson
Margaret MacLaren Ulrich+
Franca C. Warden
Jeffrey Warden
Mr.+ and Mrs. William G. Warden III
Charlotte H. Watts
Raymond and Joan Zumoff


We invite you to join this very special group of friends

Joining the Helen Corning Warden Society is as easy as adding a simple addendum to your will or naming AVA as a beneficiary of your IRA or 401(k). As a Member, you’ll receive invitations to special events that will allow you to see firsthand the impact of your contribution on AVA’s continued artistic growth, be recognized in name on a bronze plaque at AVA headquarters, and within all performance programs.

We are happy to meet with you and your financial advisers to help tailor giving strategies that best meet your needs. For more information on the Helen Corning Warden Society or to discuss planned giving options, please contact Robert W. Lyon, Planned Giving Officer, at 215-735-1685 or at